We Never Go Out of Style


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

My new favorite song is “Style,” by Taylor Swift.  I love this song.  I like “Blank Space” too.  I want to come back fierce this season…so this is why I tagged the terrible selfie!!!! I am getting nervous!!!!  I am traveling to Philly to race in the Delaware Canal Half Marathon tomorrow.  I did this race last year and it is for my grandfather.  I received a heron medal.  The race reminds me of him! I am not good with people and after being dumped last year it put a damper on my life in every aspect.  I was so depressed.  I can’t say that I am doing much better lately!  The thrill of racing is amazing but I’d love to give the knee a break and have fun with people…. I am nervous because it is a blizzard outside right now!!!  I am glad I invested in a four wheel drive car!!!!!!!!!  On another note, I signed up for more races today and bought some new oiselle items!!!! Can’t wait to try out my new arm warmers and my new jacket!

So here is my latest schedule:

I have been busy setting it up today and trying to avoid life.  I know I cannot avoid life forever, but I need to just stop being anti social and get back to living…so here is my crazy, awesome, fantastic…totally overwhelming start of a race schedule:


November 15- Delaware Canal Half Marathon (Washington Crossing, PA)

November 27- Atlanta Half Marathon (Atlanta, GA)

December 13- Red Nose Reindeer 5k (Little Falls, NY)

December 14- NYC Runs Frozen Bonsai (Central Park- NYC)


January 10- Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Rochester, NY)

February 22- Lake Effect Half Marathon (Syracuse, NY)

March 7- Chambersburg Half Marathon (Chambersburg, PA)

March 8- The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon (South Kingston, Rhode Island)

March 21- ???  Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon (Sleepy Hollow, NY)

March 22- Syracuse Half Marathon (Syracuse, NY)

April- TBD

May 3- (Would love to run Pittsburgh Full Marathon)

May 4-

May 16- St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon (St. Michael’s, MD)

May 17- Historic Marine Corps Half Marathon (Fredericksburg, VA)

May 31 Weekend – ????




September – Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Gulf Beach Half Marathon – Connecticut

October- Marine Corps Marathon


5 thoughts on “We Never Go Out of Style”

    1. Thanks!!!! I hope so! I need something really uplifting and running just has that magic spark! I bike too but it is currently snowing here…Running makes everything okay and I feel awesome!!!! Nice to meet you too!

  1. Best wishes tomorrow chica!!! Sending you mucho speedy vibes!!! Your race schedule just keeps looking better and better. Totally loaded but your strong enough to handle it!!! Run fast tomorrow, it’ll keep ya warm lol! 🙂

      1. I figured especially when the high in Florida didn’t even really reach 60 today. You must be in the frozen tundra brrrr!!!

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