Delaware canal half marathon #56 (I think)

“Running has never failed to give me great end results and that’s why I keep coming back for more.” Acevedo


This weekend I went back to the Delaware Canal in Pennsylvania. I ran the half marathon in bucks county! It had everything a half marathon should have….but boyyyyy did I freeze!

I had trouble sleeping because someone knocked on my door at 2 in the morning! Then I felt sick to my stomach because of the Parmesan fries I ate the night before.  However, a four hour drive, an expensive meal, and a huge late race fee made it seem worth the cold!

last week was Veteran’s Day. I had to work Monday and didn’t see any races on Tuesday worth the drive…but my grandfather loved random drives and herons…so it was a great way to honor him! I was going to eat his favorite Arby’s too…but they seemed non existent in Pennsylvania…. So I suffered without it..

Last year I ran this same race after being dumped! I’m much stronger now and not the same girl I was then.  I don’t know why but I felt like he was there with me… I have never felt that way and maybe you think I’m crazy, but it helped to think he was there in spirit. He died my junior year in college and he was the funniest old man…I’d like to think I get my sense of humor from him…he would walk around all of the time with a hat that said, “where is my damn senior citizen’s discount?” He would save salt, pepper, and ketchup packets till they came out your ears!  He would take us to Arby’s for the 2/1 beef and cheddar specials…oh those were the days….I know he wasn’t perfect and the war messed with him as it did most vets….but my memories of him were pretty fantastic! He stormed Normandy during WW2….I went there and I can only imagine!  So thirteen miles seemed like a small tribute in comparison to the things he had done.

I started at 10:15, which meant a late start.  The field was wet and I had to try to dry my shoes and change my socks.  For this, I paid dearly.  I ran the first mile in 7:38….I was doing good until I could no longer feel my right foot and barely anything In my left foot…I tripped on the path and my ankle still hurts today…with my bursitis and piriformis, the trail just killed me…I won’t lie to you. I think I cried my way through the rest of it…but us runners, we look out for each other. I stopped for two seconds and a guy offered me fuel. I graciously declined, though I had forgotten my fuel….classic flaw…then a guy came up and it was a familiar face…when I ran the “Rock the Canyon” series in Wellsboro, Pa, I met a group of crazy runners.  They invited me to dinner….Monica, Jennifer, Sanchez, Edward, and Julien….well here I am dying at mile 12 and Sanchez saves the day…thank god!!!!thank you  Sanchez!! You helped me so much…I finished in 1:58 but it wasn’t easy. There were no expectations at the race except to honor my grandfather and have a good time…I knew I could not race this like I wanted to, but I am proud I finished…a lot of people would love my time…I was tempted not to go but my y buddies (Brett and wisam) told me to go and have fun…it was a tough race, my foot hurt, but I finished….it was nice to see the crew from “Rock the Canyon!”  It just tells you that I run a lot in Pennsylvania if I keep running into the same people haha.

There is a challenge called “the Bucky.”  If you stay Sunday you can run the full thank you! Rock the Canyon did me in! I loved the race but I was so dehydrated and a full and a half the same weekend are so hard on the body physically and mentally!

What is next??? I’m tempted to run the turkey trot in bville, ny… I’m supposed to run “the red nose 5k” In little falls on December 13…. But I’m sad to report my competition had to back out. I doubt I will want to make the drive.  I am signed up for NYC Runs Frozen Bonsai on December 14….I was hoping for some company, but that did not pan out either…bad Iuck I guess…I need to book a train ticket but I’m holding off to make sure ill be able to run…and I confess I’m scared shitless to go to NYC alone…I’m not a kid and I am pretty badass, but I’m still a petite girl!!!! Camouflage???

On another note, I was recognized by a volee oiselle runner and we took some selfies!!!! The guy at the finish line asked me all about being a oiselle and I apologize because I was rather out of it!!!  What a long day…today I did a small recovery run of 4 miles at an 8:28 pace…that tells you something about trail verses pavement!!!!

I did the worst thing you could do… I went grocery shopping after!!!!i persevered and I got Lilly some Christmas presents this weekend!  I get to hang out with her this weekend coming up! I can’t wait….

My last thought:

This probably sounds silly and I already shared on Facebook! I want to have a wonderful Christmas with Lilly! She deserves the best…for me I want one thing…my ex husband didn’t dance. We had no dancing at our wedding and I had my slow dance last year…I didn’t even get invited to the wedding but my now ex needed a dd…I came to pick him up and we slow danced…it feels like I have a lot of bad luck and For once in my life I want good luck…you are never too old to make a wish or ask for silly things and I want my slow dance and I want it done right…so that is my silly Christmas wish. My ex husband gave me an old sweater and a used candle… I only ever wanted attention….anyhow I don’t care if this sounds dumb to anyone. I don’t need money or fancy things…but I think memories are priceless!!!! I’ve grown up a lot these past few years…I’d really enjoy not being single and having to put all my race stuff in the back seat of the car for once or a reason not to do karaoke all the way to the south to stay awake!!!! But lilly should be proud of me and I hope I can be a positive role model for the rest of my life! It’s only you who can make your dreams come true and live the life of your dreams…so, what are you waiting for?


7 thoughts on “Delaware canal half marathon #56 (I think)”

  1. Way to tough it out chica!!! I’m so glad that your fingers didn’t turn into popsicles so that you could write this post lol 🙂 you had a great reason for running this race and to run it in those conditions makes you a super hero!!! So you’re an Arby’s fan eh’? There fries and shakes are da bomb haha lol 🙂 great job on your race!! Faster times will come. It the reason why you ran that matters

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