What is Next?

“I run because long after my footprints fade away, maybe I will have inspired a few to reject the easy path, hit the trails, put one foot in front of the other, and come to the same conclusion I did: I run because it always takes me where I want to go.”
Dean Karnazes

oswegoIt was a quiet Thanksgiving vacation for me this year!  I did get back into running more.  I have been pretty good this past week.  I was just shy of 40 miles, but with my knee still causing me trouble…I will take it!!!  I even had a good long run on Saturday for 90 minutes. I am doing 45-60 minutes of base runs, one day off, one day with hills, and one long run…90 minutes.  I wanted to do two hours, but I figured that it was a good start and I should not push my luck.

So why the gloomy picture?  It isn’t gloomy to me.  Some people like to run when it is sunny and there is a lot to see…me, I love the water.  It is pretty funny when I hate swimming in the open water.  I hate the open water because I almost drowned when I was a kid!!!!

My times are not fast at all, but some people would love them so I should count myself lucky!  I have been trying to focus more on enjoying running than winning.  I should be happy I had those moments.  I should get back into sprinting, but I love the long distance.  Sprinting is more successful for me, but I get so competitive!!!  I am not as good at long distance so I have to work harder for it!  This year, I think 5th place was the worst i did in the 5k.  I won either 2,3, or 4th in the others.  I remember waking up for my duathlon in Rochester and I knew I couldn’t make it because I had overslept!!!  I hopped in my car and ran the Trout run in Deposit, which I had never heard of.  I won third place and a trout trophy.  Woo hoo…but I cannot do that in the half marathon.  My best finish ever was in the 2012 (I think) Run to the Sun in Watertown.  I won a massage with a time of 1:40….I think that liking something more challenging is a healthy thing…if it is too easy, it is easy to get mad at yourself or not enjoy it as much!  I know I am not a speed demon in the 5k, but I will always be happy with a pr of 20:33.  I would love love love to break 20…but I feel happy!

first thanksgivingThis year I did not have Lilly for Thanksgiving.  It was quiet and I went to my Cousin Judy’s house.  I had a good time.  That was the only interaction I had until my sister and her family came home.  I do not mind being alone, but it is strange to be a teacher and come home from school…to two days of solitude.  I know I am socially awkward and what not, but I like the noise…but I have to admit I got used to the quiet.  I enjoyed some good runs in Oswego, Ny and froze my face off!  I even saw a bunch of deer!!!

oswegonySo this is Lake Ontario in the Winter…well almost Winter.

I have been thinking about my goals for 2015.  I have been working on myself in this blog a lot!  I know I have a long way to go!!!!!!!  I confess I thought I had it figured out.  I wanted to go after a relationship, but sometimes I think that I have a great relationship already- RUNNING!!!!!

It seems silly and I do miss the times when people are happy together around the holidays.  I do hear a lot of people tell me I am lucky and should enjoy singletonville…I do enjoy it and there are a lot of times I do not.  I have to confess I have been wanting to go downtown and ice skate.  I want to have my slow dance and I am getting sick of traveling alone.  There are just times when it is harder to enjoy things alone.  However, I need to focus on my running.  I decided I am not going to cut my hair until I qualify for Boston…so I will probably look like cousin It.  I want to work on my speed and get into weight training and swimming…maybe even consider a 70.3 if I do not drown in a triathlon before a big one.  I need to see what I have left before I get too old!  I have a few races in mind for running but I do not want to share.  I need to be ready!!!!! So I need more long runs, speed, and weight training.  I am training with some fast guys!  I hope they help kick my ass into shape!!! I run with Wisam and Brett, who both did the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  They finished in 3:31 and 3:44 I think!!!!  Go boys!!!!  GIVE ME YOUR SPEED !!!!  Ha Ha.

I also want to have a great time with Lilly…she is awesome!!!!!!!  I am hoping to do something fun April break with her for her birthday!!!!  She will be five.  She deserves the best and I am excited to see what happens in 2015!!!!!

I am looking forward to Christmas.  I have Lilly for two weeks!  I love work, but I feel unnoticed and hope to be visible soon!


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