Of flu and schedule

“No matter how slow you are goingimage you are still lapping the person on the couch!”

Ain’t that the truth!!!!!!?

I totally had the flu and didn’t realize it until I almost passed out! Last night my fever hot 102 and I thought about urgent care… But I have Lilly and didn’t want to drive dizzy.  I felt bad because Lilly and I didn’t do a lot this weekend but we really did. We went to panera and to a movie. imageWe rented movies and had fun!

I was proud of myself for still doing my base run on a treadmill and again another base run tonight!  I’m finally feeling more like myself but I’m still weak.  I don’t think I have felt this sick in years and it’s hard with children!

So I’m proud for not quitting!!!

I have been looking at my running schedule and here is what I have or am thinking-

february 14- Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler

February 22 (if I decide not to go to bali for real)- lake effect half marathon

March 7- tipp hill shamrock run four miler

March 8- Rhode Island the oceans run half marathon

March 22- Syracuse half marathon

April 18-19???? Riverboat series Arkansas half marathon and Louisiana half marathon

May 3- providence Rhode Island fullllllllll marathon

may 16- st. Michaels half marathon- maryland

May 17- marine corps historic half marathon virginia

May 30-31??? Run for the dream series 8k and half marathon- Virginia

June 13? Ithaca gorges half

July??? Jamestown half (good course) rhode island july 14?

August? Iceland half marathon August 23

September – bird in hand half marathon pa

gulf beach half marathon Connecticut

october- Hudson Mohawk marathon

November- sleep hahahaha

On another note, my Verrazano bra came from oiselle and my Mac roga shorts!!! Love them!!!! It was a little too cold to wear them but I had to try them on!!!! Thanks oiselle!!!

Still feeling the need to run away on vacation… But I can’t run forever 🙂


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