Race Alterations

“No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today. What will you create?”

steve maraboli



After being sick, you can imagine how it felt to hear I shouldn’t run for a week! I fear I am cursed or have done something wrong in a previous life.  I just can’t catch a break. I have been feeling great since my knee issues this summer crept into my fall schedule.  I know you are supposed to listen to your doctor but I just couldn’t.  Do you know what it is like to want to run the Boston Marathon so bad and you are working so hard, only to be sidelined by a dumb flu or bronchitis…? That wasn’t it though. She said she ran Boston three times with charity and I think that is spectacular. I would love to do that someday even though it is a huge commitment. I know my body is capable of qualifying but it only gets harder the longer you run and the more wear and tear you put on your body! Life happens. The part that got me was when she said her three daughters put on fake bibs and ran the last five miles with her. It made me sad and mad all at once. It isn’t fair and should not be allowed. To run Boston is supposed to be a reward…and that is abusing the system.

I didn’t listen. This weekend I died during my long run, but I still did most of it. I had a good time and im starting to come back to life.  i discovered aspen may be my new favorite color!

Then, today I went to Auburn and my friend helped! I ran 5.7 miles straight with Krista!  Thanks Krista. It was a great course and ill have to do it again, maybe even the longer one next time!  It was really cold out! We are crazy runners and the wind didn’t help! I had on my new lucky long sleeve shirt from oiselle and I just love the finger holes. This might be my new favorite shirt!  I loved seeing Owasco Lake and the houses are huge in Auburn…maybe someday if I win the lottery ill buy a house on the lake here!

So this was a nice run but I have the worst cabin fever! I want to go out to a movie or dinner.  I have that beautiful dress I bought to go out in and nowhere to go…though I lost weight being sick what size is smaller than 00??? Ouch! Too skinny!!!

Sooo race alterations…it’s that easy. I would love to finish in under 2:40 at the Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler but I don’t know if ill be able to pull it off after not finishing my long run, skipping weights, and not doing my speed workout this week :(……

So I have decided to alter my schedule. I looked up races and I think a change in scenery would be nice. I have to cross out one race for another!!!   I love turtles and there is a race for me called “The Sea Turtle Half Marathon.”  It’s in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I have never been to New Orleans and that is 3 hours away…so this should be an adventure!!!I am rather nervous and it might be too warm but I need to get away for a few days to thaw out.  I won’t mess up my training schedule and I won’t be gone for long…but I plan to make it count and be amazing! I think my 20 miler will be a long run and the half marathon I will pour my heart into!   I am so bored and next weekend is my last weekend with Lilly before winter break….boo…….

I always say to enjoy life and let everything unfold but I’m ready for some excitement.  My mileage was a little low because I was sick this week but I think I’m a tough cookie…it was not easy! I went from 51-44-41-35….this makes me a little bummed not to be over 40… But with all factors to consider I’m glad I made it through those runs!!!!!

happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Race Alterations”

  1. Happy Sunday girl!!! How are you? You sound like you’re having a good time running. Way to go running in the wind and cold!! That’s never a good combo! You’re awesome! I hope all is well! Hope we can catch up soon! XOXO

    1. Hi!!!! For some reason I didn’t get an email saying you wrote me! I’m good finally back from the dead. I just signed up for run for the dream again! It’s too cold here hahahah. I’m also doing a half in Augusta the 22! Ill be in your neck of the woods so bring out the sun!!!! How are you?????

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