One Week to Go! MV 20 Miler

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”- George Bernard shaw


I sat at my desk today, thinking about how much my life has turned into “Groundhog Day”…ever see that movie? I feel like a robot and after being sick for about three weeks, I am screaming inside.

Why? Good question. I was home sick and didn’t talk to anyone in person most of the time. I tried to run through it and it was really hard. I am always reminded about how we need to live life to the fullest…so I have been trying hard but that sickness I had killed my energy. I cannot remember ever feeling so sick. I don’t want to feel that way again and I hope Lilly doesn’t catch it!!!

I have built up cabin fever. I need to get out and have fun! Lilly and I went to Panera but that wasn’t very exciting.

I think about all of the amazing places I have been and I get that itch to go.  Then, I realize that someday I need to face my surroundings and find happiness here.  I love running around here.  I think the Winter really makes me feel like Eeyore.  I think I was born for adventure…I crave it and I get lonely at home. It isn’t the worst feeling but I know what is out there and I want to explore!

Next up is Martha’s Vineyard for my 20 miler. After being sick, I am scared. I am determined to finish.  It is also on Valentines Day, so I am spending the morning with my love of running… Then Starbucks on the way home :)!!!

I have been a little busy… Here is my updated schedule:

february 14 – Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler

february -15- hmvcc winter series marathon relay

February 21- Augusta 5k

February 22- Augusta half marathon Georgia

March 7- tipp hill Syracuse

March 8- oceans run half south Kingstown Rhode Island

March 22- Syracuse half

April 4- race the runways airport challenge mile and half marathon (brunswick, Maine)

april 18- baa 5k

april 19- earth day half marathon baldwinsville

may 3- providence Rhode Island marathon

May 16- st. Michaels half Maryland

May 17- marine corps historic half Virginia

May 30- run for the dream 8k williamsburg va

MAy 31- run for the dream half virginia

june 28- Bristol half marathon rhode island

July shipyard???


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