Augusta Half Marathon- February 22 #60

A Twin Thing

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Coco Chanel

I had a blast!!!!!  I left on Wednesday for Georgia and stopped for dinner and a run along the way in Annapolis.  It was cold, but it was a lot warmer than upstate New York.  I had a 14 hour drive to get to Augusta, but it was worth every second.  I felt like I was driving through the four seasons and the snow finally disappeared in the Carolinas.  It wasn’t a heat wave, but I will take it!!!!!

I arrived late and had some bugles for dinner ha ha.  When I got up the next day, I met Gigi, my friend’s daughter.We went for a long run along the Savanna Rapids.  It was so nice and it reminded me a lot of the Erie Canal. 

I broke my phone in South Carolina when I went for a run…

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