Throwback Thursday- I dreamed of Ecuador

“Sometimes when you reach outside your comfort zone, you discover who you are meant to be.”

throwback Thursday! I’ve been thinking a lot aboutimageimaget imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageEcuador since kids were studying continents in school…. I miss it and what an awesome time! I almost didn’t get to go and it’s a long story, but what an adventure. I still need to go back to see the Galapagos!!!!

I went to LE Moyne college and helped out with Campus Ministries Alternative Breaks. I went to Mexico and New Mexico through the program. Junior year, I had a problem because one of the campus ministers decided he liked me…. Then he didn’t and nothing ever happened…. He was older and I wasn’t really interested….but he decided I shouldn’t get to go because of this. I was a good girl and didn’t throw him under the bus but my friend decided I should get to go. I deserved to see the world and volunteer…. So for 50$ I got to go to Ecuador for three weeks in the summer…. That is right!!!!!!

We landed in Quito in May of 2003 after a stop in Bogota, Columbia! I got to watch a bunch or oranges get smashed! We spent three weeks working at “el centro de Los muchachos trajabador.” It’s the working boys center.  I taught special education to three kids named Segundo, Marie. And Acevado.  They were sweet little second graders.

On the weekend we went to build a minga…. We were given rice, gross beer, and soup with cow parts in it!

I ate it and wanted to die but it was the polite thing to do. We went to pizza hot at the “gringa mall” on the way back.

I later found out another group was fed chicken  feet… I think that was better because I’m pretty sure there was a cow eye looking at me!!!!!

Throughout the time there, I fell in love with Ecucador.  I cleaned up a playground, killed my first scorpion and learned a lot of new games! During our visit I found out there was a “children’s day…”  El dia de Los Ninos!”

We watched a movie in Spanish and the kids ate cake!!! So much fun!

We got to go to the Andes and hike, the Laguna de cuicocha, and see Incan ruins….. I liked otavalo, but banos was my favorite. It was by the rainforest and I got to horseback ride and bike through the side of the rainforest!

I know now my life is not that fantastic, but I definitely try to live to the fullest.  I am annoyed I cannot find my picture of me doing a split at the Ecuador line… I have witnesses and it’s the best picture!!!! “El Mitad del mundo!”  I like the church with the Ecuador line running through it…I hope that someday I find love and happiness and more travel but I am happy for all of the amazing opportunities I have had.  I should go back but there is always a new door to open…Ecuador is worth it…. Oh and the soccer game I went to…. I believe Ecuador verses Peru… Not pretty!!!! Hope you like the pictures!!!


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