Syracuse Half Marathon- #62

IcemanimageimageMelissa! Outrun the odds for those who cantimageSam and I image

“There is no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes. ” – dr who

I am sitting here after one roller coaster of a week. The deck of cards has been stacked against me. It started out with my apartment door. I locked myself out with no shoes or socks on. I didn’t have a phone either. Then I knocked on doors With people who were home. I ended up breaking my door.

image Megan racing for 1:29!

imageSt. Michaels

I was hoping things would get better from there but work did not help. I love my students and I’m happy to help but I’m running out of chairs and I want to do what is best for them…. So work didn’t help. Then, someone used my debit card and took all my money out of my bank. I was grossed out when I found out they used it to subscribe to a porn site. Luckily, I canceled the card and they are going to give me the money back… In a week! I’m glad I have emergency money!!!!   I figured I was done with bad luck.

Then, I broke my armband for my running! I had a race the next day. Okay, now I thought my bad luck was gone!!!!

My friends came from Rhode Island and went to Wegmans for the first time!!! That was fun. I now appreciate my grocery store! I love my $6 dinners!!!

So I couldn’t sleep last night. I tossed and turned and felt like garbage. I freaked out because there was no parking and we finally found parking and missed the group y picture so I was disappointed. I enjoy being a Syracuse Y Runner as much as a Oiselle runner! So I ran into Jen Brady from oiselle and she kicked butt today!!!

A shout out goes to Megan James for crushing her pr by 6 minutes and finishing in 1:29!!!! Wooooowwwwww!!!  That is awesome!

I also want to thank my good friend, Melissa Nassiff, who finally got her 1:49 pr!!!! I’m also glad she was okay and ran more miles!!!!

annndddd drumroll!!!!! Sam! I have to thank Sam!!! You have no idea! Sam has a heart of gold! He came over and helped me with my door Monday night after he finished running… I was concerned about safety and he came right over.  Then, I texted him upset about work this week and I’m glad he helped me through my base Friday! Saturday…. Poor Sam should have changed his number… I text him saying my bank has been hacked and he called me and my road rage disappeared!!!!

Then, he wins the gold star because I was so excited he was going to run with

me and I was going to go under 1:40 today…. I was so excited I thought I could do it!!!!! I did

my best and was so happy to get up the James Street hill….. But then my shin hurt so bad I lost it…. I haven’t felt that before and it worries me… I tried to keep going but it just felt awful….he told me to slow down but I wanted my 1:40…. Sounds awesome and doable…. So I couldn’t do it is the moral…. But I never would have finished if Sam had not been there…. I felt bad and apologized 800 times and I can’t stop thanking him enough! I wanted him to go on but he wouldn’t and he helped me so much… He should be a race pacer and coach!

My favorite part of the ymca program is the incredible people you meet along the way! I could not have finished today if it weren’t for the y runners! Lol and Sam will never read this I bet but I owe him 1.000 thanks! There are not many people Out there who would give up their race time for someone and I was happy to not quit… It was looking a little bleak….he even got me water and Gatorade throughout!!! Best race pacer ever!!  Then at the end I wanted to amputate my right leg and just hop to the finish line, but his encouragement got me to just go and finish!!!! Sam you really need to do race pacing! You rock at it….

so without anymore arguing, I need to visit my schedule… I am still pacing because it is what I love to do…I’m not as gifted as Sam but I’ll try!!!

but I need to be realistic…. If I want Boston I need to take it easy on my

knee and I believe the shin is bothering me because of the knee…. I’ve been dragging my right foot more lately so that most likely bothers the shin…. It is the domino affect…. Soooo I’m dropping out of a half marathon in May….. 😦 I’m sad to say I will no longer be doing…St. Michael’s but don’t feel sorry for me…. If I cut down the races and work on weights more, I believe I can help my knee… I also need more speed work and the races are killing it!!!!

So for now, this will just have to be a great memory and not something to look forward to! As for Syracuse, I liked the course better last year because they added too

many hills and potholes!

oh before I go, shout out to the “iceman” for his 1:23 today… Love the hat!!! Go Jeff Faherty!!!

The moral of today is that it wasn’t my day… But it was for everyone I know. I am proud of them and thankful for all of them! Today was a race, I never once felt alone…. Thank you y runners, coach Yoda “KC” and thank you to Sam!


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