Race the Runways #63 and round 2

“Someone has to rock second place,” with bib 1!


Yesterday, I woke up at dawn to go run the airport imagechallenge… This was my second year participating in Race the Runways in Brunswick, Maine. The airport challenge is a one mile race, followed by a half marathon! ! The start times are great! I just had to get up early to make sure I didn’t forget the pacing signs! I was the 2:15 pacer for Beast Pacing! I love pacing because I usually meet first time half marathoners!!!!

The medal was awesome this year!!!! The propeller even spins! I love the shirts again, though I like the blue and orange one from last year… I wore it this year :)….

I liked the course…. It was nice and flat! I have to admit I’m a hill seeker. I practice on hills and realize a lot of people do not so it is fun to pass on the hills….as a pacer, I felt like this was a great course for a pr…the girls I helped all had a chance to pr and some of the girls were running their first half marathons! This course was not intimidating, though it was very windy…..I am totally coming back next year. I did the half in 1:49 last year and I’m confident that I could pull off a 1:45 on it next year unless the course is changed!  The elevation change throughout only added up to 75 feet..so basically I went over a couple of speed bumps….

As for the mile….. I’m mad at myself for not pushing my pace and again, ending up in second place.  I also came in second last year and finished with a 6:44 time…..the airport challenge took place this year and I think I had a imagegreat shot at winning…. But I do love pacing and it wasn’t about me! Maybe next year!!!  I also had bib number 1!!!! Next year he will give me bib 2 I’m sure hahahaha! Always second! Next year!!!! I won’t eat Girl Scout cookies!!! I also won’t pull my hamstring at the Syracuse half marathon!

The kids had a great .3 mile race! I was excited my daughter had bib 1 along with the other kids…of course she wanted a different number than me… She got a cool shirt and a finisher medal!!! I can’t believe it was free!!!!

Thank you volunteers!!! We couldn’t run without you and thanks for all of the preparation and behind the scene activity…I helped out with a race before…. I don’t know how people do it!!!!!!!

Ill be back and it’s a great race!!!! Put this one on your bucket list!!!!