Almost August

imageWhen you can’t run or shouldn’t run, what do you do?

Over the past few years, I have gradually explored the world of cycling.  My hip and knee have been issues since May and I’ve had to give up most of my racing season. It has been pretty awful, but I have found that cross training can be enjoyable and a good back up for anyone who is injured.

I remember when I was pregnant and could no longer run. I walked all the time, but it just wasn’t the same. Now that I know of different cross training techniques, I would definitely not go back to walking if I were pregnant again.

Cycling is a great back up. I don’t know if you cycle, but it is a great experience. Just this week, I thought to myself: “I wonder what other people think about when they cycle?”

Here is what I think about: when I cycle, it isn’t always about speed. It’s that good feeling about getting lost on the bike and looking at life in a new way. It sounds silly. When I run, I’m so focused I don’t notice as much. When I went biking the other day, I noticed a man fly fishing, a beautiful creek, and just how quiet the road was I was biking. I think I take in the view more on a bike, even though I’m convinced the hills are easier to run up than bike up.

I have missed out on more than 9 races and I truly miss pacing for races. I tell myself people are much worse off and I should be thankful I can even run.  I’ve come a long way in running and even biking. I’m definitely a stronger runner but I could definitely be a stronger biker. I’m too nervous to race cycling because of accidents and mistakes people make.  Maybe someday ill do more than one race a year.

I took the summer off from teaching and I think it was a great decision, even though my bank account disagrees. Sometimes the people who live life to the fullest are the ones with empty bank accounts.  This has been a great summer and I hope August brings me happiness.  Besides my running, I couldn’t be happier! I’m not looking forward to taking workshops, but my birthday is in a month and it’s been a great year….