Just Speed Up!


Some would say good things come to those who are patient…lately it seems like there is no time to be patient. Work has been busy with new students and state test prep! We are having a multicultural night and I want it to look nice!!! It went well last year and I hope the ENL team gets some good kudos! I am trying to keep my mileage up and slowly increase it!

How is it going? Well I am exhausted! I finally took a day off from running and it helped a lot! As much as I live and breathe running, I need my down time too! When I have Lilly, I need to wake up at 5 in the morning! I don’t mind and I would do it all the time, but sleep feels good!

My running has been decent and I cannot complain. I am hitting the wall with my long runs. I had a really good 14 mile run and then it seemed to exhaust me. I ran 12 miles on a Saturday and it felt good… But I was stupid and ran the 14 on a Monday! I regret it now, but …it felt amazing! There is just something about the feeling of being able to run forever…free of care and just utter bliss!!!!

I also had a great run before work:

With summer coming, I got some new duds for work and running!!!
    Cancer is nothing to joke about so I ordered the new oiselle roga visor! I need the sun to hide but it does feel amazing to run in the sun!

Then there is the midnight bridge tank! I don’t know if I will wear this more for running or going to dinner!!! I also ordered the lux Henley tank! Can’t wait …

This bridge tank is pretty awesome too!!!

I mean wow!!!!


So what is next???

syracuse half- April 3 maybe???? Pacing my sister???? Half 68? Or 69???

Cny Springtime 10k- April 16th
Earth Day  68th half???- April 17
Race the Runways – April 23


Mountain goat- May 1
Green Bay Half 71 I think -may 21
buffalo- May 29
boilermaker July 11
And how are Andrew and Lilly? Awesome!


Here is my bliss: love the canals

 Where do you love to run???? What are your next race plans? 
Happy Easter