Race Happenings- It has been a while!


Well, it is June 9th…yet I feel like it has been forever.


This is a picture from Tuesday!!!!  We did the Chase Corporate Challenge!  Andrew came in fifth this year and I am so proud!!!  He has won three times and I think he is an amazing runner!  He is coming back from injury…I think fifth place is pretty awesome out of more than 7,000 runners!!!!!

chasechallenge one


I was pretty disappointed in my time!  Last year I finished in under 26 minutes.  I thought I had it in me to repeat a similar time, but my legs were just too tired.  I think it is a good time to take a break from racing.  I have had a couple of successful half marathons lately…so I am happy with this decision.

My last half was number 72!  I did the Buffalo Half Marathon on May 29th!  It was super fast, but also super hot!  I recommend this as a pr race but only if you do well with the heat.  My time was 1:49:50.  I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn’t planning on trying to go super fast…well this isn’t super fast but for me these days I will take it!

Andrew and Lilly came with me and we went to Niagara Falls :)!!!!


We had a blast at the falls but it was such a hot time!!!!!  I also got to spend some time with my friend, Jen Brady!  She set up a cowbell corner and we took a selfie!


My finish was less than glamorous, but I was glad to be done and enjoy the day by Jen’s pool!!!!!

buff3buff5buff6  Here is one of my new favorite photos!!!!!


I also ran in the Green Bay Half Marathon for number 71!  My finish time was 1:49:48!!!!!  Super happy with my time!  This was in Wisconsin…and I have never been there.  This course was super fast but I did fall on my face !!!!!  I am graceful!  Andrew ran too and we had a great time!!!!  We even went in a hot air balloon!

wisconsin1 wisconsin3 wisconsin2 wisconsin5 wisconsin7

In May, I also ran the Mountain Goat in about 1:24.  I was happy with this time because it was rainy and I was not in the best shape!!!!goat2

goat1This is a ten mile race in Syracuse.  It is challenging, but worth the run!!!!!!  Andrew did not run, but he ran all over the course!!!!

I did a couple or races in April…I did the Springtime 10k with my friend Robyn…we had a blast and she was fun to run with!!!!

springtime2 sprintime1


I also ran the Maine Race the Runways Half…I went to see my parents.  This was not a good race for me but I love the event.    I was third in the one mile event with a time of 6:59 and I bombed out on the half…I was a 2:04….Andrew won the mile and the half marathon!!!!!  He won three trophies and set a record for the Airport Challenge…. SOOOOO stinkin proud of him!

airport 2 airport1

Before this race, I also ran the Earth Day Half Marathon for number 69…I ran with Krista and it became more of a walk run jog.

earthWe finished in 2:05….


I ran the Syracuse Half Marathon in 1:57…It was super cold and I ran in a blizzard.  It hailed and was incredibly crappy out!!!  That was my 68th half…I am up to 72 now and happy with training.  I joined the y runners again to train for  a marathon….syracurs