Moose Pond Half Marathon #76

“It’s hills …get over them!”

I guess I should have looked at the elevation map!!!
However, I wasn’t worried.  Hills are great because they help you get faster and I was the 2:15 pacer for beast pacing 🙂

I did not check the elevation until after the race but The Moose Pond Half Marathon took place at Shawnee Peak so I guess that should have been my first clue!
This is in Maine in case you were not sure, though I saw 0 moose!  I have seen them but not in a year or so!  I saw a small moose on 95 going towards Bangor!  Luckily it did not meet my car!

Here is the elevation map:

Needless to say, the second half was a little less work!
I liked the shirt!  The race was 50$ for late registry and you got a free 13.1 sticker!  You also receive a cool turtle medal !

I loved the medal!  This is my first turtle medal and my first wooden medal!

I was happy to run with my cousin for a little while and then she took off like a rocket!  




She said she was not ready but she did awesome!

Her boyfriend didn’t run but I was thankful he drove and he brought us hot chocolate and sandwiches!

Andrew was talked into coming too!  He won the half in 1:17:59!

He makes it look so easy!

He got some nice awards! They gave him a season pass to Shawnee Peak and a handmade box!

I have been pretty sick but I was able to pull off a 2:14:22!  I am glad I helped people finish in their goal times!  

I would pace this race again!  It was nice to visit my cousin and do a race!  We went to brunch after and spent the night!  I really like running in Maine!  It’s beautiful there.
What is next?  I’m pacing the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon next weekend but I hope I feel better by then!  I should be alright but it’s been about two weeks of non stop feeling like garbage!  I had strep and then who knows what!  I am starting a new teaching job November 21, so I think people figure I’m vacationing…. Not the case!  
As for running…. This is my last half of the year coming up…. I’ll be doing The Sea Turtle Half in Alabama for a small honeymoon!  That is I’m February!  

Then I’m doing the Lakeffect Half in February with Rachel! 

March- Celebrate Life

Syracuse Half


Newburyport Half Marathon #75

I feel too old to be young and too young to be old.”  
Sorry it’s been a while but I have been busy! Between running, working, getting a new job, and getting married, my life is busy. I’ve been pretty sick too but I realize it’s been a while and I haven’t kept up with my blog.  
So here is half number 75! I decided to start pacing with Beast Pacing again. I set too much pressure on myself and I wanted to love running again. Of course I’m sick now so it’s agitating that I cannot run much but oh well! C’est la vie!  
The race was on October 23 and it was wonderful. My running buddy and I went to Newburyport, Massachusetts to get our bibs and shirts.  I thought it was organized though I was surprised some random girl cut in front of us! We stayed at a marriott and it was really nice.  I always end up in the handicapped room and can’t ever figure out the shower!!! There were two shower knobs!!!! Strange!
We ate dinner at Gissepis! There was a 20 minute wait but the food was great and abundant to say the least !!! I think Jen and I could have split one meal!

The race started on the later side… I think 10, but it was cold and windy so that was alright! Jen was my savior because she found a construction site bathroom and we didn’t have to wait in long bathroom lines!
I met up with the Beast Pacing team and received my sign! I was the 2:00 pacer and I was nervous. My stomach felt off the night before but I was ready to run a 9:08 pace!  The race started off and it went by chip time so I started my watch at the start!
The race was really fast and there was some incline at mile 2. I loved the Fall colors and the colonial houses! I could see myself living there though the roads were somewhat narrow compared to what I am used to.  I liked the reservoir and I could never imagine driving near there during winter. There wasn’t a guard rail so I would probably stay away for fear of driving off the road and into the water!
I loved one house in particular but then I saw a sign where 9 children had been massacred by native Americans there…. So I wouldn’t choose to live there unfortunately.  It would be sad and creepy to me… Though it was a beautiful house.  I think the kids were buried a little farther down the road.  Poor kids! The course got really windy when we went down one road around mile 10 and had to turn around. I thought I would lose my sign.  I was fortunate enough to run with a bunch of people and I am glad they had an enjoyable experience! I helped two girls break two hours and I know a few more.  The one girl did the BAA half and was sad that she didn’t break two hours. I told her today was her day!  She did it and I’m sure she was under 1:58!!!! 
Jen and I drove the course the night before but we couldn’t drive the trail portion. It wasn’t long but I liked going over a small bridge towards the finish. Jen said she knew when I was coming because there was a big crowd.  A bunch of people were running from me because they wanted to finish under 2 hours.  I was like “no one wants to be my friend.” Hahaha…. 
I finished in 1:59:44… I was confident the entire time and felt comfortable! I like driving the course so I know what to expect as a pacer.  My splits were really even and I’m glad I helped people pr!  I wore my lux arm Warmers and my Portman shorts from oiselle!!! Super comfy and not warm…. But comfy. I definitely need to pack better.  I found one mitten in my car and had to rotate it during the race lol! 
Jen pr-d and I’m so happy for her! I told her she could do it! She finished in 1:51!  Hopefully I can talk her into more races!  I had fun and I’m glad Jen came!!! I used to run by myself all the time but it is better to have company!
The medal was great.  It was an anchor and wheel with a “green strider” on it.  They put together the race!  The shirts fit good and I am happy it’s not a nightgown!  Jen and I agreed we would both do this race again!!! It’s beautiful, fast, and fun!  There was pizza and beer after.  We even saw ice cream but we were freezing.  We showered and went to “Anchor” for lunch!  We had buffalo chicken pizza and some Sam Adams!  We stopped at Starbucks before hitting the road!
To find out more about the race, visit:

To find out about pacing: 

The medal 

 Beast Pacing crew 🙂

Me and Jen

   The summer of 69! 
I smile more when I pace!