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Run, Fox, Run

“Stay steadfast in your hopes and dreams, but flexible in how you reach them.”- Collier Lawrence.

You might say I have been rather busy!!!!!  You would be correct.  On December 29, 2016, I married Andrew :)!!!!  I am so lucky!  I have been pretty busy planning.  I do not know where the time has gone.  I remember when he proposed over Columbus Day weekend.  I wore the shoes he proposed to me in at the wedding.  Ever since, I have been on cloud nine.  I feel bad because he is so level headed and amazing.  Me, I am a train wreck some days.  I have always had a less that amazing self-esteem and  I don’t have many friends…but the ones I do have, are pretty awesome!



I have been slacking on race reports.  The last half I paced was Wolf Hollow on November 20, 2016.  It was in Nashua, New Hampshire.  The medal was a cute wolf and the race was good.  It was not the easiest race to pace and the girls who ran with me drifted at the end.  This was Half Marathon number 77.  I finished in 1:59…and some change.

I have since decided to stop pacing.  I think it is stressful and I want to take a break.  I am not sure if I will pace again.  I would hate to quit forever because I enjoy it, but I need the vacation from it.

I have done some 5ks.  I did the St. Nick Shuffle at OCC in December!  I loved it and we got a Santa suit, hat, and light up medal.  I was fourth in my age group and happy with my time!  It was for my bachelorette party!  I went to paint n sip night at Owera later that day!

st nick.JPG My medal…It lights up but don’t be jealous!

Here are my splits, along with my finish time and the course:

So what have I been up to since the New Year?

I ran with the Oiselle girls in January.  We won the Winter Warrrior team relay!  We beat the girls and the boys!!!  We beat the co-ed teams too!!!!  I was so proud!


I ran a 5k in February.  It was Cupid’s Chase.  I have a hard time running this race because I won it the first year I ran it and then I came in 2nd the following year.  I tried for another win and came in 5th place, just out of a medal position.   This year, I was in third place, but I had a sinus infection and the flu.  I wanted to die.  I am happy with my time, but I am sad because I was feeling pretty strong until I wanted to cough up a lung.  I ended up in 6th place.  I let the girl pass me who won my age group.  I was happy that my friend, Jen, won her age group too!!!!!  I just wish I didn’t have such bad luck.  Here is the medal, with my splits and course:




Newburyport Half Marathon #75

I feel too old to be young and too young to be old.”  
Sorry it’s been a while but I have been busy! Between running, working, getting a new job, and getting married, my life is busy. I’ve been pretty sick too but I realize it’s been a while and I haven’t kept up with my blog.  
So here is half number 75! I decided to start pacing with Beast Pacing again. I set too much pressure on myself and I wanted to love running again. Of course I’m sick now so it’s agitating that I cannot run much but oh well! C’est la vie!  
The race was on October 23 and it was wonderful. My running buddy and I went to Newburyport, Massachusetts to get our bibs and shirts.  I thought it was organized though I was surprised some random girl cut in front of us! We stayed at a marriott and it was really nice.  I always end up in the handicapped room and can’t ever figure out the shower!!! There were two shower knobs!!!! Strange!
We ate dinner at Gissepis! There was a 20 minute wait but the food was great and abundant to say the least !!! I think Jen and I could have split one meal!

The race started on the later side… I think 10, but it was cold and windy so that was alright! Jen was my savior because she found a construction site bathroom and we didn’t have to wait in long bathroom lines!
I met up with the Beast Pacing team and received my sign! I was the 2:00 pacer and I was nervous. My stomach felt off the night before but I was ready to run a 9:08 pace!  The race started off and it went by chip time so I started my watch at the start!
The race was really fast and there was some incline at mile 2. I loved the Fall colors and the colonial houses! I could see myself living there though the roads were somewhat narrow compared to what I am used to.  I liked the reservoir and I could never imagine driving near there during winter. There wasn’t a guard rail so I would probably stay away for fear of driving off the road and into the water!
I loved one house in particular but then I saw a sign where 9 children had been massacred by native Americans there…. So I wouldn’t choose to live there unfortunately.  It would be sad and creepy to me… Though it was a beautiful house.  I think the kids were buried a little farther down the road.  Poor kids! The course got really windy when we went down one road around mile 10 and had to turn around. I thought I would lose my sign.  I was fortunate enough to run with a bunch of people and I am glad they had an enjoyable experience! I helped two girls break two hours and I know a few more.  The one girl did the BAA half and was sad that she didn’t break two hours. I told her today was her day!  She did it and I’m sure she was under 1:58!!!! 
Jen and I drove the course the night before but we couldn’t drive the trail portion. It wasn’t long but I liked going over a small bridge towards the finish. Jen said she knew when I was coming because there was a big crowd.  A bunch of people were running from me because they wanted to finish under 2 hours.  I was like “no one wants to be my friend.” Hahaha…. 
I finished in 1:59:44… I was confident the entire time and felt comfortable! I like driving the course so I know what to expect as a pacer.  My splits were really even and I’m glad I helped people pr!  I wore my lux arm Warmers and my Portman shorts from oiselle!!! Super comfy and not warm…. But comfy. I definitely need to pack better.  I found one mitten in my car and had to rotate it during the race lol! 
Jen pr-d and I’m so happy for her! I told her she could do it! She finished in 1:51!  Hopefully I can talk her into more races!  I had fun and I’m glad Jen came!!! I used to run by myself all the time but it is better to have company!
The medal was great.  It was an anchor and wheel with a “green strider” on it.  They put together the race!  The shirts fit good and I am happy it’s not a nightgown!  Jen and I agreed we would both do this race again!!! It’s beautiful, fast, and fun!  There was pizza and beer after.  We even saw ice cream but we were freezing.  We showered and went to “Anchor” for lunch!  We had buffalo chicken pizza and some Sam Adams!  We stopped at Starbucks before hitting the road!
To find out more about the race, visit: newburyporthalfmarathon.com

To find out about pacing: beastpacing.com 

The medal 

 Beast Pacing crew 🙂

Me and Jen

   The summer of 69! 
I smile more when I pace!


We Never Go Out of Style


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

My new favorite song is “Style,” by Taylor Swift.  I love this song.  I like “Blank Space” too.  I want to come back fierce this season…so this is why I tagged the terrible selfie!!!! I am getting nervous!!!!  I am traveling to Philly to race in the Delaware Canal Half Marathon tomorrow.  I did this race last year and it is for my grandfather.  I received a heron medal.  The race reminds me of him! I am not good with people and after being dumped last year it put a damper on my life in every aspect.  I was so depressed.  I can’t say that I am doing much better lately!  The thrill of racing is amazing but I’d love to give the knee a break and have fun with people…. I am nervous because it is a blizzard outside right now!!!  I am glad I invested in a four wheel drive car!!!!!!!!!  On another note, I signed up for more races today and bought some new oiselle items!!!! Can’t wait to try out my new arm warmers and my new jacket!

So here is my latest schedule:

I have been busy setting it up today and trying to avoid life.  I know I cannot avoid life forever, but I need to just stop being anti social and get back to living…so here is my crazy, awesome, fantastic…totally overwhelming start of a race schedule:


November 15- Delaware Canal Half Marathon (Washington Crossing, PA)

November 27- Atlanta Half Marathon (Atlanta, GA)

December 13- Red Nose Reindeer 5k (Little Falls, NY)

December 14- NYC Runs Frozen Bonsai (Central Park- NYC)


January 10- Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Rochester, NY)

February 22- Lake Effect Half Marathon (Syracuse, NY)

March 7- Chambersburg Half Marathon (Chambersburg, PA)

March 8- The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon (South Kingston, Rhode Island)

March 21- ???  Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon (Sleepy Hollow, NY)

March 22- Syracuse Half Marathon (Syracuse, NY)

April- TBD

May 3- (Would love to run Pittsburgh Full Marathon)

May 4-

May 16- St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon (St. Michael’s, MD)

May 17- Historic Marine Corps Half Marathon (Fredericksburg, VA)

May 31 Weekend – ????




September – Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Gulf Beach Half Marathon – Connecticut

October- Marine Corps Marathon

What is Next?- I’ve Got the Race Shakes!

•”In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder


It has been more than a month since my last race.  I have not been running much and I cannot remember the last time I went out for a bike ride.  I have been busy moving.  I am all moved in and I am busy at work.  I can’t get over that amazing feeling when you finish a race. There is nothing like it!  I want that feeling again.  It is so different than going out for a long run or a small tempo.

I wish I could say life is wonderful and I am completely happy!  I have a huge amount of confidence and I love the kids I teach…but there are certain aspects in life I am not feeling great about.   I hate that the holidays are coming and I do not have Lilly for Thanksgiving.  I am supposed to go run a half marathon in Atlanta.  I am excited about it but I am not supposed to run.  I have bursitis in my knee and piriformis syndrome. However, I wish there was something making me not want to run away and do this race.  I have been single for a year and I am ready to not feel so alone…but I guess it is good to just be happy and live life to the fullest…so what is a girl to do?  Try to get better even though I have been dealing with this crap for four months and the pain is just as bad?  Orrrrrr go run my face off?

I don’t know….so I have a little surprise in store for my readers!!!!!!!  I hope you read about what is coming!

Here is my tentative race schedule for next year:

February 22- Lake Effect Half Marathon (Syracuse, NY)

March 7- Chambersburg Half Marathon (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)  ?????

March 8- The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon- (South Kingston, Rhode Island)

March 21- Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon – (Sleepy Hollow, NY)  ?????

March 22- Syracuse Half Marathon- (syracuse, NY)


May 3- Mountain Goat?

May 16- St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon- (St. Michael’s,  Maryland)

Marine Corps Half Marathon May 17

May 24 – Buffalo Full Marathon –  (Buffalo, NY)





September 5- Bird in Hand Half Marathon- (Bird in Hand, PA)

September 13- Gulf Beach (Connecticut)

October 26- Marine Corps Marathon

I need another full marathon…I want my Boston Qualifier!!!!!!!!!  I hope I can wear my oiselle singlet in Boston!!!!

Oh The Places To Go…

“We must take adventures to know where we truly belong…”

I have been running since I was 26 years old…It hasn’t been that long, but I cannot remember what it was like not to run. I do not know why I did not take it seriously when I was younger.

I have been divorced for two years now and I often think about what I used to do before I was married. Everyone keeps asking why I haven’t changed my name back and I say, “I haven’t changed my name because my passport does not expire until 2017.”

Well, I need to stop talking about it and actually do something. Things happen in life for a reason and I know I cannot possibly understand why most of the time. I guess the motto is: “Shit happens.” I have been focusing on Lilly and running and I finally realize that I just need to breathe and live…I need to practice what I preach…I have an amazing job and a gift with languages. I think most people cannot say that they can speak more than two languages…am I fluent in all five of them? Heck no!!!! Can I get by in them? Yes, four of them…my Italian will only get me some smiles and some kind words for being polite…as I express that I am sorry for being late and ask where the bathroom is….I know more than that…

I remember when it first happened…I was in the elevnth grade in a small town and there was going to be a trip to Ireland…I had to go sooo bad so I started saving and working. I went to Ireland. My first plane ride was to Ireland!!!! I fell in love with the idea of getting out of Mexico, NY (New Haven to be specific), and seeing the world. My small town wasn’t the most friendliest to me…

When I was in college, I went to Europe to study French my junior year…It was a week after 9/11 and was really scary. I don’t think most people realize it, but I have traveled quite a bit alone…I must confess I want to fall completely in love with someone and travel everywhere…I was just talking at work to a teacher who is getting married about going to Iceland. I loveeeeeee Iceland and it is such an amazing place to go!!!!!

So you may ask, where have I been?

1. Canada (all over Canada…not just right over the border…New Brunswick, Quebec, Montreal, Ontario…
2. Ireland (one time)- Cork, Dublin, Killarney, Shannon….
3. France (Lived in the Loire Valley) Paris, Bloss, Chinon…everywhere
4. England (four times) Wales, Isle of Wight…pretty much all of England
5. Poland (Auschwitz and Katowice)
6. Germany (Berlin)
7. Denmark (Copenhagen)
8. Iceland (Reykjavik)
9. Ecuador (one month as a volunteer in Quito)
10. Mexico (Three weeks as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity) Mexico City, Tacuba.
11. Columbia (Bogota)
12. Dominican Republic (2 times) Puerto Plata
13. Italy (Naples, Florence, Rome)

Bahamas…St. John, St. Thomas…doesn’t really count ha but worth mentioning…

So this year since I have a lot of time to not run due to my knee…and my MRI is on November 3, I am thinking about taking an adventure…I cannot run much and may need surgery. I always thought I would see the world. Next year, I want to run the original Marathon in Athens, Greece…it is in November. I also want to see some new places…my eyes are set on a few…but if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear…thanksssss and happy adventures!

So my goal is to say good bye to my married name and take one last adventure. When I get home, I want to celebrate returning back to my maiden name…Phelps!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get lost and find myself…that once adventurous girl who wasn’t afraid to see the world alone 🙂 watch out because here I come!

Boom Clap!!!! My Oiselle Flock Photo!!!


It feels awesome to be a member of the Oiselle Flock!!!!!!  I love every moment and I have met some awesome runners along the way and made many friends!


I was asked to try out the moto tights recently and they posted my picture on their website with my name!!!!!!!!!  Amazing!!!!!

I love the moto tights and they feel absolutely perfect…I want more of them…I love the feel and they fit comfortably!  I love the zip pocket.  As someone who has lost several keys running, a zip pocket is a must.  They feel really warm, but fit wonderful!!!!!  I cant wait to buy some arm warmers and a new jacket…but I do not want winter to come so I am procrastinating!!!!!


Visit www.Oiselle.com    to see my pictures with the other flock members!!!  My five seconds of fame!


IMG_8118-001Manlius, NYoiselle team 2


oiselleteamsterGreen Lakes, NY



Confession Friday- Run, Bike, and be Merry

“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind”


Today was my first day off from work for the summer.   I have been torn because I am supposed to work summer school now and I love doing group ride and having fun being “free.” 
I get to go see people, bike, and just get lost on the bike…it is great.  So today I rode with some people and I felt bad because I left the group I was riding with because they were so fast.  I just did not want to hold them back even if they said it was a no drop ride.  I know they wanted to go fast, but I did want to go with them.  It just seemed like the right thing to do and I had fun riding with the other guys.  I learned that the one guy was a pilot in the Gulf War.  That is pretty cool.  I am not sure what the other guy did but he was happy he was retiring.  It seems like a long ways away and I do not know if I will be fast on the bike when I retire.


I had a great time today and rode about 30 miles and had a speed of 16.5…it was a sweet ride.  I ended it by renting some roval wheels because I do not know if I want to buy a mountain bike or some new wheels for my new bike.  I do not know so if you have any advice let me know.
  I am torn between wheels and a Specialized Fate.  I cannot afford both. 


My running has been going well this week too.  Monday I did not run and Tuesday I went for a bike ride as a time trial and averaged 22.5 miles per hour for 22 minutes.  That was really nice.  Then on Wednesday I went for a run during lunch.  I finished my 5k in 23:10…it was really nice.  Then on Thursday my knee was bothering me so I did 2.5 miles at a pace of 8:04….I did the first mile in 6:07.  It felt nice.  Today I went for my nice ride and tomorrow I am going to go out and ride on my wheels I rented.  I hope they are nice…I do not know if I am ready to get some but I figure it is a good weekend to figure it out.  I am a little sad I do not have extremely exciting plans.  I am getting my hair cut so we will see what I come up with.


Hmmmm confession Friday…this is a toughy.  I am not sure I really feel like sharing my thoughts on the subject tonight.  I guess my confession would be that when I get bummed I tend to sign up for more races.  I do not think this is good because I am running from life.  I signed up for a bunch…I think I need to live life and just stay here.  I am torn about getting wheels, a mountain bike, a cyclo cross bike, or going somewhere for the week.  I know I should not go somewhere but I have this anxiety.  I freak out and want to run from things that bother me.  I went swimming for the first time in forever this week and I freaked out.  I almost drowned when I was little so I get nervous in the water.  I want to swim so bad that I do not think people realize how sad I get when I cannot swim.  It is torture because I truly love swimming…not as much as biking or running…but I do.  I would love to do the Lake Placid Ironman…but the swim is the first part and I would never make it. 


I wish things were different and I could be like almost every athlete out there.  I want to be noticed, which I have said before.  I want to be fast and unstoppable.  I wish it had been so easy in life.  Instead, I sit here on the couch, wondering what it is I am doing in life and where the road will take me.  Here is my updated schedule…



June 29- Catamount half marathon,   Brattleboro, VT

July 10- Deruyter 5k womans distance festival  6:30

July 12- Jamestown Half Marathon- Rhode Island

July 13- Old Shipyard Portland Half Marathon, Maine

July 20- Gillie Girl Triathlon (.5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 5k run)

July 26- Half Marathon  Grand Canyon PA

July 27- Full Marathon  Grand Canyon PA

August 7- Tromptown Run 5k

August 9 and 10th open

August 23- Loop Around the Lake 15k Fulton NY

August 23- Turning Stone RAces 5k

August 24- Turning Stone Races Half Marathon

September 6- Bird in Hand Half Marathon

September 7-

September 20- Wicked Half MArathon- Salem, MASSACHUSETTS

October 5- Wineglass Full Marathon

October 20-

October 26- Marine Corps Marathon



Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut…I hope it doesn’t look too bad….here is a picture of what it looks like now….